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Little Spoon From Peshtigo

by Joe Hasiewicz

I bought a little teaspoon up in Peshtigo
It had a giant fire on it. Why? I don't know
I thought it so surreal
I use it every meal
Things are sure intriguing here in Peshtigo

I found this little pumpkin up in Peshtigo
I grabbed it off the produce truck there - Why? I don't know
The guy got kinda’ rough
And the sheriff got the ‘cuffs
While the band played 'Louie Louie' back in Peshtigo

Hey look!, it's a pa-rade!
De keizer heeft geen kleren aan
Whoa, look at that thing!

… The Peshtigo March …

The water towers are taller up in Peshtigo
Why they have so many. I’ll never know
The town folk smell much fresher
Cause there's always water pressure
But I think they're hiding spacecraft up in Peshtigo

I found some knitted pumpkins back in Peshtigo
Why would someone ever make them - I'll never know
They said I had to buy 'em or
“We’ll smash your nuts and fry 'em”
So I brought my little orange friends from Peshtigo

… Instrumental – Solos …

Unidentified aircraft were seen hovering over Peshtigo early this morning. The flying objects seemed to align themselves with water towers and then disappear. Local authorities are puzzled and unable to offer any explanation regarding this phenomenon. However there seems to have been a positive effect on the water pressure.

In other news, yesterday's parade here in Peshtigo was a huge success - barring one minor mishap where a Dutch man was coerced by a local merchant into purchasing small knitted pumpkins against his will.

I used my little teaspoon while in Peshtigo
I had a bowl of Booyah. Why the hell? I don’t know
I should have had a burger or the Chinese lunch buffet
Look there goes another spacecraft leaving Peshtigo

They have an autumn festival in Peshtigo
They end with lots of fireworks, well I think I might know.
The sky was set aglow
Such a long long time ago
Cause they had a giant fire up in Peshtigo

Copyright © 2008 Joseph Hasiewicz Jr/Units of Music, ASCAP